Withdraw money from the Terra luna project

We buy back TERRA CLASSIC LUNA coins (LUNC).

LUNC - Withdraw money from the Terra luna project

After the collapse of the course on May 9, 2022 — looking for a way out, how to withdraw your money from the TERRA project?
If you also logged in on May 10, 11, 12, 13…. hoping for an increase in the rate, but the rate continued to fall and your money is stuck in the project today.
The project continues to issue coins daily and the rate falls. It becomes more and more obvious to restart the project by forking (issuing new coins), and not being in demand for the current LUNC coin.
There is a solution. We have an investor who buys LUNC coins at current prices. We offer you an exchange of LUNC coins for a physical ingot of Argor Heraeus gold bar, weighing 1 troy ounce (Switzerland Fine gold, 999.9).
A fixed price is set: 1 bar = 10,500,000 LUNC (with a further decrease, the selling rate may be revised).
The cost of the ingot includes the cost of its delivery.

Withdraw money from the Terra luna project (buy a bar of gold)